Before my workout:

I always need SOMETHING in my system before I workout. However, every body is different. Whether I am working out in the morning or 2 hours after lunch, I always make sure to have a small snack to give me that energy boost that I need to not feel light-headed during my workout. I usually eat something small such as an RX bar, Lara bar, nuts, hard boiled egg, apple and peanut butter, banana and almond butter, a handful of veggies, or fruit.

After my workout: 

I am always looking forward to my post workout meal or smoothie while I am working out, LOL. There are four things that I try to incorporate in my post workout meals and smoothies. These four things are fat, protein, vegetables, and fiber. Be Well by Kelly, one of my favorite dietitians, swears by this. It is important to eat these 4 things after a workout because exercising breaks down your muscles and eating these 4 things post workout helps you build your muscle and get the most out of your workout.

Benefits of fiber:lowers blood glucose levels, helps you absorb nutrients, and turns off many hunger hormones.

Benefits of protein:helps maintain bones, muscles, blood, and organs.

Benefits of vegetables:provide the body with vitamins and minerals that fuel the body and the brain.

Benefits of healthy fats:aid brain, nerve, and heart function and also keep you full.

An example of a meal with these four things would be: ground turkey (protein), brown rice (fiber), tomatoes, onion, fresh corn, green peppers (veggies), avocado (fat), top with jalapeno and lime. An example of a smoothie with these four things is: frozen zucchini (can’t taste it, I promise), spinach and/or kale (greens), avocado (fat) (also can’t taste it, just makes it creamy), chia seeds, flax meal (fiber), plant based protein powder (protein), unsweetened almond milk and fruit to naturally sweeten it.

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