I encourage you to LOVE your exercise and healthy foods and I hope that pure enjoyment is your biggest motivator to be healthy! It is so important for you to find exercise and food that you actually enjoy because that is when you can make it a balanced lifestyle and not burn out. Ok, I think you hear me this enough LOL. Let’s talk about the days that you don’t feel motivated and don’t crave a workout and healthy food. Because let’s be real…. no body is 100% motivated ALL of the time. Before I write out some tips I want to say that sometimes it’s ok to not workout and not eat healthy. We all have those days and we all need balance in our life! However, if you do not want to do that every day and you want to stay determined to being healthy when you aren’t motivated… here are some tips!


In summary: Remind yourself why you workout and eat healthy, set yourself up for success, be prepared, and JUST DO IT!



  1. Remember that you wont regret a workout! It will only leave you with more energy, confidence, accomplishment, and happiness to conquer the rest of your day! It will also make you want to eat healthier!
  2. Set out your workout clothes and pre-workout snack the night before you workout (or whenever you workout). This will force you to get going because you already prepared!
  3. Workout with a buddy! Commit to a class or sweat sesh with your friend and don’t bail on them LOL!
  4. Write out when you are going to workout that week in your planner. If you’re anything like me, you will do anything to check something off your list!
  5. Shorten your workouts! If you find yourself dreading all that time at the gym, you can get VERY efficient workouts in just 20 minutes from home!
  6. Blah Blah Blah…. Just GO WORKOUT! The hardest part is getting through the negative talk in your head and getting there. JUST DO IT, simple as that J

Eating Healthy:

  1. Meal prep! This is personal preference. But if you feel you won’t be motivated one week, prep some healthy foods that you so it’s easier to eat healthy during your busy week.
  2. Make healthy treats! There are soooooo many delicious and healthy dessert ideas out there. If you need some ideas, ask me! I make them almost every day.
  3. Consider your future health! Same as exercise acknowledge all the benefits and why you want to be healthy in the first place.
  4. Write down what you eat! If you are really struggling to eat healthy, this is a good strategy because you’d rather write down ‘turkey sandwich with lots of veggies and a side of fruit’ than chips and candy.

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