My go to booty workout:

Here is a killer booty toning and lifting workout for my ladies! Make sure to stay slow and controlled during these movements and focus on intentionally squeezing your glutes.

Tabletop pose:

  • 90 degree bend in knee one inch movements
  • Straight leg toe taps
  • Rainbow toe taps (left to right)
  • Knee to opposite elbow and extend
  • Leg and opposite arm extended and move out from center then back to center

*15 reps of each exercise on each side*

Bridge pose:

  • Walk right foot out wide, then left foot out wide, then right foot back to parallel, then left foot back to parallel
  • Lift and lower butt one inch
  • Lay flat, put the soles of your feet together (butterfly pose), and then lift and lower your butt 1 inch
  • In that same butterfly position, lift and lower your butt all the way

*15 reps of each exercise

Links to my favorite booty exercise equipment:

2 lb Ankle Weights

Booty Bands


3 Lb Weights

Happy toning and lifting!

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