My Top 15 Reasons Why Living Healthy Matters

Yes, eating healthy and exercising with allow us to lose weight, tone our bodies, and look our best, however there are even more life changing reasons why being healthy is so important!!! Looking our best is just icing on the cake;)

Here are my top 15 reasons for living a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Longevity
    • Why wouldn’t we want to live our longest and best life?!
  2. Confidence
    • When I am eating my best and consistently exercising, I feel so amazing and confident!!! Prioritizing my mind and body makes me feel my absolute best. Loving my body and my skin definitely boosts my confidence.
  3. Feel good in your own skin
    • There is just something about taking care of myself that makes me feel so cleansed, alive, and amazing in my own skin.
  4. Mobility
    • Again, who doesn’t want to have the ability to move however they want when they want?! Investing in our health is so important and allows us to live our best life.
  5. Happier life
    • Definitely feel so much happier when I am putting my health first!!! Life changing.
  6. Higher brain and body function
    • Fueling ourselves with real food and consistently exercising allows us to function at our fullest potential. Taking care of our mind and body is key!
  7. Think clearer
    • Exercising allows more blood flow, therefore more oxygen and energy for our brain to perform better.
  8. Clearer skin
    • My skin has a huge effect on my confidence, so one reason that I prioritize my health is so I feel my best in my skin. Living healthy has had such a major effect on my skin!
  9. More energy
    • Better sleep, better heart health, sharper focus, and release of endorphins gives us more energy.
  10. More productive
  11. Prevents chronic diseases
    • Watch the Magic Pill on Netflix!!!! Life changing.
  12.  Less stress
    • Exercising releases stress and increases productivity
  13. Better sleep
  14. Better mental health
  15.   Delays the effects of aging
    • Stay tuned for a blog post about how my 84 year old grandma lives, moves, and looks like she’s in her 60s. My inspiration!!!!

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