How to Ditch the Food Drama Forever!!!!!

People often ask me “what and how often do you eat?” and I always want to say “what I want and when I want”. It is my goal to help people get to this place of food freedom and simplicity. I want to help people get to a point where they crave real food majority of the time and eat whenever they’re hungry. It’s so much more enjoyable and sustainable to eat healthy food that you ENJOY. Don’t overcomplicate it!

1. Don’t diet

Don’t we all want to be healthy, feel good, and look good FOR LIFE?! Never met anybody who wants these things short-term. Yes, of course it’s good to re-set to get back on track, but don’t restrict yourself too much or you are likely to end up worse off than before. Also, you’re less likely to get off track when you’re living a balanced healthy lifestyle. Restricting ourselves too much will create burnout. Let’s be healthy for life!

2. Keep it simple

Don’t overthink it! EAT REAL FOOD AND MOVE!

3. Eat food you enjoy

It’s so much more fun and sustainable to eat healthy food that we enjoy! Also, exercise in a way that feels good to YOU☺

4. Make social events about the people, not the food

This is a good reminder so that we don’t overeat or get anxiety about unhealthy food in social settings! Focus on the people and socializing and then enjoy some food without getting worked up about it.

5. Set yourself up for success!

I make my worst food choices when I am hangry or don’t know what to make/eat. Set yourself up for success/prepare, so that you always have healthy options that sound good to you ☺

6. Eat when you’re hungry

I used to think about food all day long and this was causing me unnecessary anxiety and food drama. Now, I just eat/think about food when I am hungry and then move on with my day. Simple as that!

7. Indulge when its worth it and pass when it’s not

If you’re over thinking it, just think “do I really want this right now/is it really worth it???? OR can I move on with my life and be happy without it” HELLO FOOD FREEDOM! ☺

“Food freedom is feeling in control of the food that you eat, instead of food controlling you” -Melissa Hartwig

8. Hold onto how good real food makes you feel

There is something so amazing about feeling good, healthy, and cleansed in your own skin! God intended for us to eat real food, so fuel yourself with real food to function properly and feel your best. Looking good is a byproduct of focusing on this feeling. Icing on the cake ☺


Never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

With love,


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