Although my “why” for moving my body and living healthy is not to look a certain way, I still think it’s important to explain that not all workouts create the same results. I workout to FEEL good, live fully, have energy, etc… but I used to think I had to go to the gym for 60 minutes, 6 days a week doing HIIT workouts to get the results I was looking for. Since transitioning into the workouts I now do (and have been doing for 2 years now), I learned that my previous workouts weren’t serving me in the ways I wanted.

I now do a mix of Mat Pilates/Barre/Yoga inspired workouts- with my own twist that is designed to create lean and toned muscles. It’s so so liberating to find a workout you LOVE. One that makes you feel your best inside and out and one that you enjoy doing. I have found that with my workouts. I have never felt better inside and out. I feel energized, leaner/more toned, less spiked appetite, and it’s so fun to look forward to my workouts.

I feel so passionate about sharing this feeling with all of you, so that is why I stream my workouts.  My main message is to listen to your body, do what makes you feel good, find a workout you enjoy doing (aka don’t force yourself to do workouts that seem like a chore) and stay consistent with movement. Truly amazing for us.




How to Create Lean and Toned Muscle