My Why:

I often see women who are looking for efficient workouts that create lean and toned lines and fit into their busy schedule because they are investing too much time, energy, and money into movement that doesn’t give them the results they’re looking for. As women, I believe that our workouts should be tailored to our goals so that we can feel confident, fit, healthy, and happy. With that in mind, I provide women with easy to access workout videos that help us feel lean, fit, and empowered to be healthier versions of ourselves.

FFM Membership:
12 NEW workouts each month
Full body leaning and toning
Access to over 30 workouts at a time
Variety of 10-40 minute workouts
Weekly workout planner
Exclusive membership content
Access to the FFM private Facebook group
Grandfathered price
Courtney's workouts are what get me up and moving in the morning. They are the perfect way to start my day, and are suitable for my busy lifestyle I have finally found the workout that is perfect for me."
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