1.Big salad:

I love to get creative with my salads to mix it up. Salads are such a great way to get alllll the nutrients into a meal. Here are some of my favorites…

  1. Romaine, mixed greens, garbanzo beans, jalapenos, olives, sunflower seeds, feta, olive oil, lemon, and pink salt
  2. Mixed greens, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, apple, pecans, olive oil, pink salt and pepper
  3. Romaine, sunflower seeds, grilled chicken, cucumber, tomato, Tesseme’s caesar dressing


Lately (during the winter months), I have been loving soup from Lakewinds (local co-op). It’s pre-made and they put it in big containers for $9.99. It lasts me about 3 lunches and is full of organic nutritious ingredients. Such a time saver! Or you could prep soup ahead of time for the week (or freeze it for future).

3.Snack plate:

This tends to be my go to when I am running low on groceries! Some examples:

  1. Raw veggies, hummus, corn chips, beef stick or Applegate deli meat, and an apple
  2. Crackers, goat cheese, an orange, olives, and a bar (I like Lara bars best) or nuts.


Biggest time saver! If you’re already cooking the night before, might as well make some extra for the next day. Simple as that 🙂

5.Avocado toast:

If you are home for lunch, can’t go wrong with avocado toast. This is how I love mine: english muffins, ghee, avocado, everything but the bagel seasoning, pink salt, tomato, and fresh squeezed lemon. If I have more time, I will add fried or scrambled eggs and no lemon.



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5 Healthy and Simple Lunch Ideas