My Workout Routine/Fitness Journey

My sparked passion for working out and movement led me to major in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) at The University of Minnesota and get certified in teaching group fitness (I have been teaching for 5 years). I started teaching HIIT/Yoga Burn style classes that involved high impact exercises, deep squats, plyo lunges, sprinting, etc. I think these things (and any exercise) can be wonderful if it is what you love-both mentally and physically. Overall when it comes to health, find a routine that you actually enjoy because that’s what we will stay consistent with. For me, these high impact/deep squat/higher weight exercises weren’t the most enjoyable for me and didn’t give me the mental and physical results I was looking for. I used to think I had to do these exercises or cardio for 60 minutes a day, 6 days a week to see/feel results. However it wasn’t until I transitioned into the workouts that I now do, that I finally feel my best ever!

Since transitioning into Pilates/Yoga Sculpt/Barre inspired movement (with my own twist to it- designed to create lean and toned muscles), I can confidently say I have never felt better. Inside and out. Best feeling ever! My mindset has shifted in the most beautiful way. I genuinely look forward to my workouts. Of course, there are day when I need some extra motivation but for the most part I get excited to do them. Focusing on FEELING GOOD during and after our workouts is such a healthy and maintainable way to approach fitness. As opposed to viewing it as a chore to “look good”. So liberating! Physically, I feel SO energized, leaner and more toned than ever before, and just really good inside my body. I feel so passionate about sharing these workouts and this feeling with all of you because it is so FREEING, incredible and life changing. I do about 20-40 minutes of my workouts 5X/week. These exercises are low-impact, challenging (oh my burn!), efficient, very effective, and ENJOYABLE!

I hope that my fitness journey can be inspiring to you and helps you find what makes you feel your best. There’s just nothing like it! I also have a podcast episode on this topic.

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My Workout Routine/Fitness Journey