My name is Courtney and it is my mission to help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle so that you can better show up for your life! I believe that loving ourselves through movement, real food, and mindfulness positively affects all aspects of our lives. I graduated from University of Minnesota with degrees in Exercise Science and Communications, have been teaching group fitness for 5 years, and was a dancer for 18 years before that. Using that experience, I designed Fit For Me Yoga Pilates workouts and they have truly changed my life for the better. So, that is why I feel so passionate about streaming my workouts to you! Fit For Me Yoga Pilates workouts are physical-therapy-based and are designed to create lean and toned lines throughout the body. My focus while leading these workouts is for us to feel our best both mentally and physically. I feel so blessed to do what I love and I am so glad that you are here!

fall in love with becoming the very best version of yourself