My best advice would be to go to the grocery store before you leave for your trip so that you are set up for success starting the minute you leave for your trip. However, you can always make this grocery run at the nearest grocery store once you arrive to your destination. Buy simple healthy snacks and breakfast options. I always make sure to have healthy snacks because if I let myself get too hungry, I tend to gravitate toward an unhealthier option once it’s meal time to instantly satisfy my hunger. Examples of healthy snacks and breakfast options are hard boiled eggs, Lara bars, apples, snap peas, carrots, nuts, beef/turkey sticks, dried mangos, crackers and goat cheese, olives, fruit, yogurt, berries, granola, etc.


This is always harder when you are away from home and out of your routine. Something that really helps is green juices and smoothies. Obviously it would be ideal to have a smoothie/juice place nearby, but that is not always the case. However, organic green juices can be found at places like Target and Starbucks. Also, I like to order veggies while eating out. I know they are usually non-organic and cooked in processed oils, but that’s better than no veggies at all (especially if you’re traveling for more than a couple days). My go to sides that I order are baked potato, grilled veggies, or side salad with olive oil/balsamic/lemon. If I am in vacay mode, I don’t worry too much about my veggie intake because I know I will get back into routine once home. I usually crave lots of greens once home from vacay! The


Good news is that Fit For Me workout videos don’t require any props. You can of course level-up with hand and ankle weights, but you can definitely do them in your hotel room without any weights. Such a great way to start the day wherever you are!


Your body will already feel a little off from traveling and being out of your normal routine, so one of the best things that you can do to maintain your routine a little is to stay hydrated. Best way to do this is to pack a re-fillable water bottle.


Keep it simple by trying your best to move, get your veggies in, and stay hydrated while traveling. If you are on vacation, don’t get too worked up about not feeling the healthiest because you know you will get back on track when you are home. Enjoy yourself!

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