How to Stay Healthy While Traveling:

  1. Make a trip to the grocery store

My best advice would be to go to the grocery store before you leave for your trip so that you are set up for success starting the minute you leave for your trip. However, you can always make this grocery run at the nearest grocery store or pharmacy once you arrive to your destination. Buy simple healthy snacks and breakfast options. I always make sure to have healthy snacks because if I let myself get too hungry, I tend to gravitate toward an unhealthier option when it’s meal time to instantly satisfy my hunger. Examples of healthy snacks and breakfast options are hard boiled eggs, Lara bars, apples, snap peas, carrots, nuts, Epic turkey sticks, dried mangos, crackers and goat cheese, olives, etc.

2. Get your veggies in when you eat out

One of the major things that I focus on to stay healthy is getting my vegetables in. The good news is that you can do this at almost any restaurant! It is very easy to substitute any unhealthy sides with veggies. I will usually ask for a side of grilled veggies and/or a baked potato. If you are not on vacay and are looking to eat healthy while eating out, it is very easy to ask for your choice of protein with green vegetables and a baked potato (for example).

3. Hotel workouts

Hello, online workouts vids! An efficient 20-30 minute workout can completely change how you feel.

4. Pack a reusable water bottle

STAY HYDRATED! Your body will already feel a little off from traveling and being out of your normal routine, so one of the best things that you can do to maintain your health is to stay hydrated. I always make sure to pack my swell and some organic lemons and I feel so much better and healthier when I am drinking from my water bottle all day. Simple as that!

5. Unpack and sweat right when you get home

Trust me, I know that the first thing that you are going to want to do when you get home is crash and take a nap. But you won’t regret it! You will have so much less anxiety if you get organized right away and you will feel so fresh after some movement and nice shower!

6. Enjoy your travels and do not over think it!

Keep it simple by trying your best to move, get your veggies in, and stay hydrated while traveling. If you are on vacation, don’t get too worked up about not feeling the healthiest because you know you will get back on track when you are home. Enjoy yourself!

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