To be honest, my skin has a huge impact on my confidence. I used to be really insecure about my acne, so naturally I prioritized taking care of my skin and clearing clearing it up.

I try my best to approach anything as holistically as I can. Through real food, movement, and mindfulness. However, this wasn’t always the case for me. I started to get pretty bad acne my sophomore year of college (when I wasn’t as aware or into wellness) and ended up going on spironolactone (popular acne medication). This med helped clear up my acne and I was one it for nearly 4 years. I just recently went off of it because I want to approach clear skin in a healthier way and I didn’t believe I needed to be on it anymore. I am obviously not a dr., just sharing my personal experience in hope that it helps someone 🙂

Here are things that I do often and/or daily to take care of my skin:

I don’t touch my face unless my hands have just been washed (true story lol)

Wash my face/take off all make up every night and most mornings

Skin care routine: honestly I am just doing cleanser and moisturizer right now, but looking to step up my routine and add a serum or toner. Brands I love: Cocokind, Beauty Counter, Drunk Elephant, Acure, Intelligent Nutrients. Most affordable are Cocokind, Acure and Honest Beauty.

I wear minimal makeup and try my best to keep it non-toxic! Brands I love: Ilia, Beauty Counter, Honest Beauty.

Focus on real food and less processed food.


Change out my pillow case for a clean one every 3-4 days (sounds crazy but so effective-especially if we don’t wash our hair every day, which I do not)

Green juice. I usually put organic cucumber, celery, ginger, and lemon in mine. Sometimes orange, kale, romaine  or spinach. Here’s the juicer I use and love

This may seem like a lot… but if you find an enjoyable routine that allows you to seamlessly incorporate healthy skin habits into your daily life, it will make such a difference.




How I Cleared my Skin