I am so passionate about health and wellness because I have learned how much it truly MATTERS and I have experienced life-changing benefits from eating clean (majority of the time), exercising, practicing mindfulness, gratitude, self love/self care. I have fallen in love with this balanced healthy lifestyle that I have found and I am confident I can sustain it for life. Because I ENJOY it!

I believe that being healthy should be a sustainable and balanced lifestyle, rather than a “21 day fix” or diet. I do not believe that we should deprive ourselves, rather that we should be fueling ourself with nutrients and movement that allows us to live our best lives. I like to focus on what we can ADD to our diet, instead of focusing on what to eliminate. Real food is fuel and medicine to our bodies. Focus on what nutrients you can add to your plate to experience a wholesome and abundant life. And don’t obsess about the rest! What I mean by balance…. I LOVE food. I don’t count calories. I don’t cut out major food groups. I don’t restrict my portion sizes. I am not afraid of carbs, in fact I LOVE carbs. I feel my healthiest and THRIVE when I am focusing on real food/ingredients while still enjoying delicious and satisfying foods.

I think that living a healthy lifestyle has a domino effect on our lives. Starting with this one thing has led me into being so passionate about all things self love/self care. I feel like I am just a better, happier, more intentional, loving, grateful, and spiritual person since making it a priority to take care of myself. And that is truly why I have made it my mission to share this feeling with all of you. So glad you’re here and I hope that Fit For Me can help motivate, uplift, and inspire you to live your healthiest and happiest life.

Although FEELING good is top priority, I think that looking good and healthy is also a great motivator and definitely icing on the cake. Below are pictures of my journey to healthy living. There’s just such a happier and glowy-er vibe in the picture on the right. Living healthy truly affects all aspects of our lives!




Why Health and Wellness Matters