There is just something about having a healthy morning routine that is cleansing to the soul and sets your day off right! Here are some of my healthy morning habits:

1. Morning skin care routine:

  • Cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer (I use Beauty Counter’s all natural nourishing line)
  • Organic rosewater facial toner spray to give my skin a hydrating and glowy look (I use Cocokind’s)

2. Full glass of lemon water

  • Helps clear skin, aids digestion (reduces bloat), curbs cravings, and boosts metabolism

3. Think of or write down 3 things that you love about yourself and 3 things that you are grateful for

  • This has really helped me start my day off right and practice gratitude!

4. One or two of my online workout videos!! Best start to my day!!!

5. Make a meal or a smoothie that has greens, fiber, healthy fat, and protein in it 

  • Check out @bewellbykelly for info on why this is key! #fab4




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