1. Take care of yourself

    • Exercise, eat majority clean, hydrate, and get sleep!!!!!!!
  2. Listen to podcasts or read books

    • This has been life changing for me! I listen to motivational, informative, and inspirational podcasts while I am doing dishes, folding laundry, walking, driving, etc. Love it!
  3. Spend quality time with loved ones

    • Fills my heart!
  4. Daily devotions and/or journal

    • I love Jesus Calling and sometimes writing down my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Skin care routine

    • There is just something about feeling refreshed and cleansed!
  6. Call somebody you love to catch up!

    • Never regret this. Love calling my grandma to catch up!
  7. Be honest. Simple as that!

  8. Don’t compare yourself to others.

    • Just doesn’t make sense to do this because we are all so different and amazing in our own ways. Appreciate the good in others, want the best for them, and focus on all the things that make you special.
  9. Follow what sets your soul on fire

    • Wake up and do what you love every day. Follow your passions and your dreams because life is too short!
  • Be YOU and love YOU!!

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