Focusing on real food/ingredients is the way to go. But as you know, I am all about balance and ENJOYING our food!


Find movement that you love and stick to it. Endless benefits!


Having a meditation, prayer, devotions, journaling, and gratitude practice is life changing. Most mornings I listen to a 10 or so minute meditation on living a full life, how to manage stress, how to deal with anxiety, etc. and I also pray during this time. Then I turn on my Hillsong Worship music and write down what I am grateful for, affirmations, prayers, and goals. Takes 5 minutes and makes ALL the difference in my day. I crave these 5 minutes now each morning!


The most important of them all. Sometimes we can get distracted by having too much to do and we don’t carve out enough time with the ones we love. I never regret QT with my people. Nothing compares!


7-9 hours… game changer!


I need to work on this one myself… but I do feel so much better when my home is clean, cozy, and uplifting. I have really been into de-cluttering and donating or selling things I don’t use or wear anymore. Been loving the simplicity of this.


Books, podcasts, and consuming inspiring content on social media (I recently cleaned up who I follow on Insta and now only follow people who uplift me and make me feel good about myself and it is GAME CHANGER). Podcasts and books have been a HUGE part of my self development journey. Some I recommend: The Skinny Confidential, Ed Mylett, and RISE. But sometimes I just wanna have fun and relax and listen to The Lady Gang (they are hilarious).


Living a life that is FUN is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we take life too serious and forget to let loose and just have some fun! I want to incorporate more of this in 2020 instead of just focusing so much on work (which is easy for me to do because I get so into work).




Healthy Habits For a Full Life